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Best places to go to ski in Romania

In this year’s top five of the best places to ski in Romania you will find some of the most attractive resorts this country has to offer to ski fans from all over the world. Spread all over the mountainous area, these resorts come highly recommended not only for their natural snow and their daring ski slopes, but also for their accommodation conditions and associated activities and attractions you can try while you are not on skiing.


5. A little bit hidden in the heart of the mountains, not so accessible as other resorts and therefore uniquely quiet and private, Harghita Madaras resort expects its guests with amazing landscapes and six ski slopes located near the top of the Madaras mountain.


4. The Clabucet ski slope in Predeal is one of the most popular in the country. With over 2100 meters to ski on and a medium degree of difficulty, it attracts thousands of tourists every winter.


3. Recently opened and with very accessible prices, the Transalpina Ski Resorts offers three slopes for ski and snowboarding and has been the top attraction for ski fans looking for a new place to try their talents.


2. Located at over 1400 meters, with 12 ski slopes from which the longest has over 8000 meters, Straja ski slopes are clearly a place to try, especially for tourists with a few years of experience in this beautiful sport.


1. And last and the most impressive is the Ranca resort in Parang Mountains, not for the length or the number of its slopes, but because you can come here to ski from September all the way to May.  It is the longest season of ski in Romania and it is also the place you will find slopes specially arranged for families where children can sleigh and have fun.

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